In my farming lifetime I have owned 4 tractors.

No that's not me in 1966. I was 2 yrs old in 1966, come on now.

Point being I have always owned very old tractors.

Round baling without a cab.....you would have to experience that for yourself to know what fun that is.

The "current", and on it's way out the door, tractor is a 43 yr old Massey Ferguson.

Tomorrow the 4th tractor arrives.....and its not old.

Maybe it's because I got old I can't take the "punishment" anymore.


Michael said...

Tractor Porn!

You should offer 3-4 day "farm experiences" for those of us who are stuck behind the screens all day and have no idea what the farming life is like. Totally different world you live in. I think it would be kind of cool!


Solfest said...

Let me put it into a formula traders can understand.

sun + rain + manure = grass

grass + cows = beef

Tractors are a unfortunate cost of doing business. :)