Large Depreciating Asset

A large depreciating asset is not really an asset.

It's a liability.

A necessary liability?

If annual depreciation is less then the previous annual repair and maintenance expense....then I think so.

In the mean time I will enjoy the "shinyness".


James Edwards-Marche said...

I still reference your 'Solfest on Trading' list from time-to-time. There's some great wisdom in there! Thanks for leaving them up there :)

PS That doesn't mean I'm not interested in the "shinyness" of your depreciating assets!

Solfest said...

Glad you came by for a visit. It's a rather bizarre transition in the blog from trading to ranching. I should have started another blog about ranching I guess. But I figured life never goes in straight lines so let the blog be bizarre. It matches it's owner. :)