In my farming lifetime I have owned 4 tractors.

No that's not me in 1966. I was 2 yrs old in 1966, come on now.

Point being I have always owned very old tractors.

Round baling without a cab.....you would have to experience that for yourself to know what fun that is.

The "current", and on it's way out the door, tractor is a 43 yr old Massey Ferguson.

Tomorrow the 4th tractor arrives.....and its not old.

Maybe it's because I got old I can't take the "punishment" anymore.


The Party's Over?

If this breaks $1.30, look out below.


"The Private Life of Cows"

Yes I watched it and yes I liked it.

Ok, I'm weird.



Alive Inside

A must watch.

It's on Netflix.