Well, since Jules and LT don't seem to be able to grasp the concept of a blogging hiatus I figured why should I? Does it seem odd to start a sentence with the word, well? Didn't Ronald Reagan always do that?

Oh great, one paragraph in and I all ready have to say, I digress.

James asked me how things were going and I mentioned that my crude oil well seems to have gone dry. The blue bars were scarce, now they are almost non existent. I found myself continually pushing for trades, breaking rules, not following the plan and getting whacked for it.

I had a chat with RR (those of you who were not regular readers will have no idea who I'm talking about) and he pushed me to look at different patterns with crude or some different products all together. The EIT keeps telling me I should swing trade and on and on the advice goes. :)

Although I listen to all I respect, as always, you must find your own way.


Say what?

I was perusing the trade the markets web site looking at the free :) webinar menu and I saw a session on trading the grains. Not sure if I have ever mentioned this but I used to be a farmer. Yes a farmer, before I became a banker. Long story don't need to go there. Anyway the grains interested me, maybe because I know what they are, I understand what a bushel is, and I like the idea of controlling 5000 bushels of soybeans for a few seconds.

I started with corn as it has the most volume however it was not volatile enough. Moved to soybeans and liked what I saw. I'm still using the same system that I use for crude oil albeit with slightly different settings. I don't have many trades with it yet so I really don't know how things will go in the long run, but for now things are working nicely.

I still watch crude but find myself wanting to keep the powder dry for the soybean open.

Oh yes, the blog, I'm still officially on hiatus and will be until at least August. I coach baseball in May and June and then we are gone all of July for holidays. So maybe I'll get back to regular blogging in August.

Here are a few charts.

1 Minute Soybean Futures Charts