The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The week is done. A week of trading with all the fear, greed, regret, happiness, sorrow, and every other emotion you can think of.

The weeks are all pretty much like that.

How we handle the changes in our emotional environment determines our success or failure.

The market has nothing to do with our success or failure.


This is not a good bye post, because I don't do good bye posts anymore. I have had a few of those and then always came back to the blog. So if it was a good bye post you would have no reason to believe me.



Ah Yes

Now I remember, the joy of the technical exit, all that MFE up in smoke. :)


An Odd Business

Barrel count didn't work out and I thought the day was done.

Good thing I was "prepared to be wrong" as the day worked out well.



I could adapt and then wait.



Serene, I fold my hands and wait,
Nor care for wind, nor tide, nor sea;
I rave no more 'gainst time or fate,
For lo! my own shall come to me.

I stay my haste, I make delays,
For what avails this eager pace?
I stand amid the eternal ways,
And what is mine shall know my face.

Asleep, awake, by night or day,
The friends I seek are seeking me;
No wind can drive my bark astray,
Nor change the tide of destiny.

What matter if I stand alone?
I wait with joy the coming years;
My heart shall reap where it hath sown,
And garner up its fruit of tears.

The waters know their own and draw
The brook that springs in yonder height;
So flows the good with equal law
Unto the soul of pure delight.

The stars come nightly to the sky;
The tidal wave unto the sea;
Nor time, nor space, nor deep, nor high,
Can keep my own away from me.

John Burroughs