We Believe

Capital is scarce.
Don’t fight the tape.
The trend is your friend.
Trade what you see not what you think.
Stops are not losses, they are business expenses.
A person’s beliefs are always revealed by their actions.
The urge to trade is stronger than the urge to trade profitably.

We believe that markets move in waves based on fear and greed. We cannot anticipate these waves and will not try to. We will instead recognize when one of these waves has begun and join in as the wave moves up or down. This type of trading is known as trend following.

We believe that markets form patterns that can be identified on a historical basis and this information can be projected onto the right hand side of the chart to provide an indication of the strength in the trend and the speed at which it is occurring.

We believe that money management not technical analysis is the key to success in the trading business. By researching, building, and tracking a trading program we can overcome the human emotions that derail most traders. This data base of statistics will have to prove the system from a numerical basis in order to provide us the emotional intelligence required to stay in this business.

Human emotions are derived from the very core fight or flight instincts that are programmed into us all. We must control these emotions in order to rise above the trading herd that is heading down the path to financial ruin.

Our trading plan backed up by our statistical database provides us the emotional capital required to allow us to preserve and grow our financial capital.

“Truth will be truth, regardless of a closed mind, ignorance, or the refusal to believe.”

Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

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