Running Money

Being a day trader is an exciting job. You are plugged into the market, feeding off the ebb and flow of billions, no, trillions of dollars.


Or, you wake up at 6:30 MST time, scrape material from eyes that really shouldn't be coming out of human eyes, look outside to see a fresh blanket of snow, turn on outside lights as it's still pitch black out, go out and shovel driveway, come back in, blow nose, make coffee, wipe more stuff out of eyes, turn on charts, read news, log in to the EIT's chat room, annoy them with what you think are really witty comments, watch charts, watch charts, watch charts, watch charts, watch charts, read someone else made a profitable trade, wonder why I didn't, question wisdom of trading plan, watch charts, watch charts, watch charts, respond to man who loves rain questioning my lack of blue bars, watch charts, continue to banter in chat room, banter becomes increasingly bizarre cumulating in solfest asking the EIT to just shoot the market, shoot it dead, EIT responds with "bang" posting, man who loves rain leaves room in disgust, watch charts, watch charts, BLUE BARS on 5 minute chart, watch charts, watch charts, renko chart confirms short trend, blue bar on 1 minute chart, second bar fails, third bar fails, fourth bar turns down, turns blue, take it, full stop, market closes, read LT's rambling comment on last post, wonder if I'm up to the task of answering, whatever, still snowing, go shovel snow again.

One day my 10 year old son asked me what I was doing as he watched me stare at charts for a while.

"I get paid to wait" I responded cleverly.

"How much?" he asked.



Jules said...

Pretty much describes my day too, Solfest (except that I've no snow to shovel, haven't anyone to chat with, and always wanting to just hit the sack).

You're really funny :-)

Solfest said...

Life is grand.

Anonymous said...

Some don’t like to sit and watch the market all day
they’ll have a different plan and that’s ok

But once it’s decided that is what you’ll do
then thinking about it is only for a fool

The free money you make comes with a price
boredom you’ll pay and that’s not a bad vice

Get through your day without ego or emotion
and the time will fly without much commotion

So follow your plan and wait for your winners
then you can tell the kid . . . I made enough for dinner : )

Besides you know there’s no crying in trading


Solfest said...

Poetry now.

RR your talents are endless.


Anonymous said...

Your son should be a trader!

FX said...

watch charts, watch charts, watch charts
shovel snow, shovel snow, shovel snow.

Solfest said...

LT he will definitely be a capitalist. He bought a camera a few months back and when his sister asked to borrow it he explained it was a large capital purchase for him and he needed some return on this capital. So he rented it to her for a day.

She accepted his terms.

I may need to spend some more time with my daughter.

Solfest said...

FX, lately its been more entertaining shoveling snow.

Nothing happening again today until the last hour or so.