How to trade:

Take 10,000 hours or ten years of practice/study (whichever comes first) add a crazed desire to succeed and away you go.

So the next time someone asks or someone tells you how to trade have a good laugh and move on.

There are no short cuts, no holy grail, no magic indicator, just hard work and practice. Of course some of that "practice" is going to be with real money. Real money that you are going to lose. Can you survive that?

If the answer is no then find your element some where else.

How Bad Do You Want It from Greyskale Multimedia on Vimeo.



Four videos, first a demonstration of skill, then some discussion on how we get there. If you think trading is hard watch the bike video then try trading again.


Thrilling Day

Picked a few (very few) ticks out of the 8:40 and 12:20 bars with the one minute chart. Other than that I listened to strange music and came out of and back into the closet so to speak.

Just another day in paradise.

Oh did I miss anything in the gold market? :)


Good Volume, Good Range

If good volume and range mean good trading then bad volume and range should mean no trading.




I guess you could call the 1 minute chart a cross between the 2 minute and the 89 tick.

Ok not really but it seems to fit the current pace.


Quants on Parade

I just want to know where oil is going for a couple of minutes.

Is that so hard?



Still Waters

I was expecting the crude market to run something like this:

Instead I got this:

Note to self: Don't have expectations.


Get to Work

The sun has set on my vacation so it is back to work on Monday.

Crude oil has been wild, equities have tanked, Brits are rioting in the streets, American is bankrupt, (oh wait they can now borrow more so everything is ok) and Tiger can't hit a golf ball.

Looking back at the charts over the past 3 weeks I think I will be trading the 2 minute for entry and exit rather than the 89 tick due to the increased range in CL.

Looking forward to Monday :)

Oh ya and all you lazy trading bloggers get back to work!