A Corporate Memorandum

Internal Memo:

To All Employee:

We at Solfest Capital strive to maintain a positive workplace environment.

We have implemented several employee morale incentives over the years and we continue to monitor the satisfaction of all our employee with our annual Employee Satisfaction Survey.

This years survey displayed some rather unique responses.

Such as:

If I don't get a trade soon I'm going to start baking kitten pies.

I feel the need to randomly moo at cars.

I have lined my office walls with aluminium foil to keep the genius in.

Now due to some corporate belt tightening here at Solfest Capital we are forthwith eliminating all our employee morale incentives and replacing them with this new and very expensive video.

This new program replaces all the old and apparently rather ineffective programs.

We are calling the new program, This Is It.

Thank You.

Your Enduring Leader