Dr. Sowell

Ah yes, Dr. Sowell, the truth is out there.

Is anyone listening?





Sold calves today.

Ya, it's an ugly chart.

However if you look at the big picture it's not that bad.


Herd Psychology

I used to follow trends, now I just follow cows. Cows and trends are a little alike. When one goes they all want to go, when one leaves she wants to return to the herd, or return to mean so to speak.

My original corral design had me pushing cows up to the opening of the squeeze / loading chute alleyway. This did not work so well as they were always trying to turn back where they came from. By implementing the Bud Williams design you use that mentality to your advantage.

So with a few minor modifications we have "The Bud Box".



A Man Can Dream

While our hay lies rotting in the field.


"Super Genius"

This guy must come from a long line of coyotes that are....how shall I say....not quite genius material.


Cows to the Rescue

Who knew that cows could save the world?


One Man With an Axe

So the story goes, one man was hired, or volunteered, to clear this 30 acre pasture. He build himself a cabin with an axe, and then cleared the trees, with an axe.

Not sure how many years that took. My guess it was during the depression when men would work for food and shelter.


Read it and Weep

Calgary Herald reports "Butter is all right".

It has come to the point that I believe all research into all things is completely useless. It is all done to confirm the authors preconceived notions and like a good chiropractor, recommend further study be done.

In other words you're all going to die if I don't get paid to do more research.

Tis all useless.

"The “vilification” of saturated fats dates back to the 1950s when research suggested a link between high dietary saturated fat intake and deaths from heart disease. But the study author looked at data from only six countries, and chose to ignore data from a further 16 that did not fit with his hypothesis."


Kind of like sifting through thousands of tree rings to find the 2 that meet your global warming theory.


Hail Storm

We had a little storm the other day. Dropped 2 inches of rain and hail in 30 mimutes.


CHARTS !!!!!

Well.... chart, as in singular.

But hey, its a chart and I know how all my followers love charts.

Except.... I have no followers, they all left, cause I didn't do anything.... sniff.

Oh well, I'm either bored or missing the trade, probably just bored, waiting for cows to calve.

Anyway back to the chart, as all good trading bloggers who sell trading systems know, you only show the profitable charts.

So here it is.

I went long cattle January 22, 2013 and the trade is still on, let your winners run baby.

If charts are not your thing (gasp) then here is some more cute calves video.


More Thrilling Video

While all CL traders are earning millions Farmer Solfest hauls bales.



Feeding Cows

You have my sincere apologies for that last video.

5 minutes staring at a bale.



Oh No

Farmer Solfest got a GoPro for Christmas.

Now he needs a helicopter and an editor.

He really needs an editor.