Anatomy of a Trade

Solfest has heard the complaints and Solfest is responding.

Solfest has also decided to refer to himself in the third person again.

Solfest has noted the herd is more frightened by Sandy's rants then they are by Solfest's rants.

Solfest has tried to placate thine herd with beautiful music, beautiful scenery, and beautiful women on horses.

Thy herd demands more.

More charts, less rants.

Solfest has no trades.

Solfest shall attempt to explain why.

Brace thyselves.

Solfest has also decided to use Middle Ages English.

Solfest may have run out of meds.

610 Tick Chart

Thy herd looketh at thine chart and sayeth, Solfest why thou trade not thine chart?

Thy herd sayeth Solfest you have a nice move down, beautiful move up, you have blue bars, what has happened to thou.

Solfest weeps at thine ignorance.

Thy chart does show 2 nice trends, trends that could be traded, but Solfest does not trade thine 610 tick chart as the intrabar movement would killeth Solfest.

Solfest reminds thine herd that thou art looking at one day.

Solfest is angry at the lack of spell check for old English.

Let us move on.

2 Minute Chart

Once again thine herd knashes thine teeth at Solfest's lack of trading skill.

Thine herd is prepared to abandon Solfest for a new and shinier trading Swamiguru.

Perhaps Ldubyaaguru?

Again Solfest weeps at thine ignorance.

Solfest implores thine herd to take a close look at the white squiggly line and note thy lack of tautness. Solfest also requests thine herd look at the bar overlap, overlap that causes stops and break evens.

Solfest is growing tired of typing and yells for a serf to attend immediately.


Let us move on.

89 Tick Chart

Solfest is now beginning to doubt Solfest's own trading system and has sent a carrier pigeon to thy Ldubyaaguru's immense castle requesting a séance.

Solfest does concede thine trading opportunities missed and Solfest knows they were missed due to the lack of acceptable range.

Solfest also reminds thine herd that the reason for trading conditions is to stop thine entering into positions that doth not work.

Solfest wishes to repeat, the reason for trading conditions is to stop thine entering into positions that doth not work.

Thine herd often thinks indicators are only to provide an indication of a position that will work.

Many positions will work, unfortunately those that start out looking like a position with a losing probability can ultimately work nicely. (the old English comes and goes)

Let us move on.

89 Tick Chart

Solfest provides thou evidence of historical success.

Very historical.

Solfest notes the taut lines that doth not be squiggly.

Solfest notes the large range in the bars.

Solfest notes the price bars coming out of the 3 non squiggly line convergence.

Solfest can change thy trading parameters to take all of yesterdays missed opportunities.

Solfest shall not do that.

Solfest may go mad, but he will be flat whilst this doth happen.

Let us move on.

89 Tick Chart

Just when Solfest believes all is lost a trade appears. It rises out of the mist like a beautiful woman on horseback.

Solfest earns 1 tick on thine trade with a BE + 1 stop and he roars with laughter at the futility of life.

Solfest demands a serf bring him coffee.


Solfest now realizes that in order to have a séance with Ldubyaaguru one of us would have to be dead.

Solfest also realizes the madness of thine future may already lie in thine present.


scalper said...

what is solfest btw?

Solfest said...

What is Solfest!!!!

What is Solfest!!!!

I am Solfest, hear me roar.


Otherwise known as a Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, Canadian.

Jules said...

As always, I wanted to be the first to say something witty/ funny...

But someone clearly beat me to it. :-)

Solfest said...


Solfest assumes it was Solfest.

Anonymous said...

An oxen and two goats for your effort at quelling the mob. thank ye
PA farmer

Solfest said...

Solfest doth thank ye PA Farmer.

What Solfest really needs are some new serfs.

Anonymous said...

His Lordship must ban the scalper for his impertinence.

Hear ye, hear ye...."Post of the Year"

Solfest said...

Solfest could make the scalper a serf.

Good serfs are hard to find these days.

300 or 400 beatings and they run off.

What ever happened to loyalty.

DT233 said...


Solfest said...

There is a very fine line between genius and insanity.

TradeThief said...

just talk some old English to ms market, and surely she will accommodate you with more setups

Solfest said...

"The urge to trade is stronger than the urge to trade profitably." GB007

You can quote that in any language.

Hex said...

Does Solfest apply this startegy to other markets? Or is Oil the only market that under his spell?
Good post by the way.

Solfest said...

Solfest has traded grains, indexes, and crude oil.

Solfest has had the most success with crude and has decided to stay there.

Solfest also based this decision on the 5 day ATR of the fore mentioned products as Solfest has historically found crude oil to have the most daily range.

Solfest bases this premise on the thought that it should be easier to pull a few shekels out of the largest purse.

Anonymous said...

Loved the content of the post and loved ye olde English, but deeply disturbed by the illeism.


Solfest said...

Yes, yes the illeism.

Yes, yes that was disturbing.


Shocking really.


We are all shocked by this illeism.

We should ban that, illeism.