Dad Day


But then.......

If you listen your Mommy, stop riding the dog like it's a small horse, and do not change your system, something good may happen.

Like this.

Recency Bias

System trading is hard.

Or did you already know that?

You watch price move in a consistent direction but without triggering your system trade. Or at least without triggering it for what seems like an inappropriate amount of time.

Like this.

Then you watch a trigger on the short term chart move nicely, but against the three other charts. This price action on the short term chart is fast and has only one direction. Just what you want to see. Except the system says you can't take it.

Like this.

All this makes you want to abandon the system, or change the system, or change the time frame, or do something that allows you to take the kind of moves you just missed.

Of course that would be a mistake. A mistake based on the most recent events.
Humans like all recent events to be warm and fuzzy. We borrow money, eat bad food, take drugs, and change our trading system all based on the most recent event.

Humans are stupid.

I'm a human.


Maybe it's just early

But for some reason this had me howling. I guess it reminded me of trying to teach my Grandmother how to use a VCR. :)

Give them an A for even trying.



Here are 3 interviews from Charlie Rose with Lee Kuan Yew. A very smart man, and one who may even appreciate Solfestland. :)

In fact I would hire him and his son to run Solfestland while I'm on holidays.

2004 Interview

2009 Interview

2011 Interview

More wisdom; maybe I should add mandatory military service to Solfestland.


Atlas Shrugged Part 1

No big names in this, but the production looks well done. It isn't playing in many theatres so I will have to wait for the DVD.

Atlas Shrugged Movie