My thoughts exactly.


Attitude Trader said...


Currently a junior in college, the only thing my daughter is learning in her business statistics and other math classes is how to memorize the things she needs to know to pass the next test, and then forget, so she can memorize the next set of stuff to pass her next test.

She's not getting any of the knowledge of (or desire about) when, where, or how she will use it in the future.

Ideas like this one have the potential to explode the use of math because it would actually make sense to more people and not be some medieval torture (although I actually kind of like it).

Things as simple as creating spreadsheet formulas are powerful lessons in how computation works and how to put them together in a logical fashion in order to do a job, and create a result, for the user.

Good stuff. Thanks again.


Solfest said...

It's tough to change the education system as governments and unions are not typically wired for radical change.

Attitude Trader said...

...mainly because most individual human minds aren't wired for radical change. ;)


Solfest said...


Humans view change as loss.

Anonymous said...

And his search engine, (or "answer engine") provides hours of entertainment. Actually, that might just be me.


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