When all else fails......

Try the truth.

The report confirms Dr. House's mantra, "everybody lies".

Governments, environmentalists, companies, everyone.

The problems start when we fall for the lies, we then make some rather large mistakes. The Alberta govt has been beating the oilsand companies over the head to reduce carbon emissions. What they should have been doing is beating them over the head to reclaim the mined areas as the companies are so fond of telling us they have been doing.

Our only hope is that good old common sense survives this world of lies. Commons sense that told me there was no way these oilsand plants could be the largest carbon emitters in the world.

Turns out that even Canada's little coal fired power plants emit more carbon than the oil sands. Canada has roughly 30 million people, imagine what the American's coal fired plants pump out. China?, India?

Canada would like to build another pipeline to send more oil to our American friends. Oil that comes from the oilsands. Americans are saying no thanks.

China is saying please send it our way, and we have a plan to do that. (sort of)

Over 4000 Americans have come home from Iraq in body bags (sorry) in order to secure "American interests" in the Middle East.

What interests?

Oil, of course.

No Americans have to die to get Canada's oil.

Yet, some American politicians are saying no to Canada's oil.

Maybe you should talk to them.


Solfest said...

Yes it did occur to me the RSC scientists could all be lying too.


Anonymous said...

You take the blue pill and story ends, you wake up in your own bed and believe every thing you see around you....

But then again, you take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes...

Not easy to take the red pill....we fight 1 million years of evolution to do that....

Solfest said...

We need whatever pill it takes to get the pipeline to Kitimat built. :)