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Attitude Trader said...

Mmmmmmm, charts...

Nice work! Have a good weekend.


Solfest said...

Thanks AT.

Should I feel bad for making money off the suffering of others?

Attitude Trader said...

Your ability to be a positive change in this world diminishes exponentially as you become poorer, less joyful, and more regretful.

If you really are concerned about it, then do two things:

1) Be a powerful example of prosperity and joy for others. There is nothing more powerful than a positive example for others to follow. Whether they choose to follow your example is solely their choice and no one else's.

2) Make as much profit as you can, and if you believe that it was due to "the suffering of others," then give a percentage of it to a charity/organization that will help with their relief. Make sure that you are the one getting the profits so that you can make sure that some is given to them. Your lack of profiting isn't going to help anyone (except other traders).

Free yourself - you are not here to feed the world. But you can show them how to fish...


Solfest said...



Anonymous said...

Teehee, righteous so and so! that guy. Hey, its my obligation to part money from those know not how to take care of it...

Nice charts!

Solfest said...

I meant the Egyptians Sandy.

And no I don't feel guilty, tis how the world works.

Things happen, prices move, traders trade.

DT233 said...

You dirty, soulless, bastard!

I'm paying $3.00 a gallon for gas! Do you realize how much it takes to fill my SUV?!?!?

I hope you enjoy your blood money.

Nice charts btw.


Solfest said...

Excellent, and we have plenty more where that came from.

EIT said...

some people need to thank their good fortune - try paying $9 a gallon in uk !


Solfest said...

Smaller car?


Ever hit a moose in a smart car?

The moose wins.