The Holy Grail

I have solved Riemann's Hypothesis.

It is now factored into my trading algorithm and produces results like this:

You may kiss my ring now.


Anonymous said...

Can I have your autograph?

Solfest said...


How did you get past my people.

Daniel S said...

Hi solfest...i am Daniel,long time follower of the blog...I have one question that I hope you can help me with and,that I think, did not ask you before...

How do u combine your 3 MA in you trading charts in the different timeframes to produce a signal...

Hope u can help me if it is not something private


Solfest said...


Not sure I understand your question. The different time frames all have slightly different criteria and they all produce their own blue bar.

With blue bars in place on the longer time frames I can enter on the entry chart if it turns blue.

I have tried, and asked Sierra if there is anyway to have the entry chart pick up the signals from the longer time frames so I would only have to look at one chart.

They say there is a way but I have not been able to do it.

I have no idea if I answered your question or not. :)

Daniel S said...

Hi solfest thanks for your answer.... well to be honest you answered half of the question hahaha....

I was wondering which setting you use for crude oil, in charts..I mean the 2 minutes, ticks, etc?. and also which moving averages for each timeframe....In short a brief description of the indicators you use in your strategy...If that can be shared

Thanks so much


Solfest said...

Oh, you want the whole system. :)

The length of the MAs really doesn't matter much, I just want to see them stretched out and showing a good trend. I mainly use 8, 21, and 55.

Unless I'm using 5, 13, and 34. :)

The setting for the others are shown on the chart.

I watch 89 tick, 3, 10, and 60 minute charts.

Unless I'm watching the 2 minute. :)

Remember you can't trade my system just as I can't trade yours.

You have to own your system, own it emotionally and intellectually.