The Internet

What am I doing here?

LT wants to talk, Jules wants to talk (I think), LW is still doing his court ordered community work, and then there's me.

Do I want to talk?

I dunno.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. The Internet is a horrible thing.

What do I enjoy the most when blogging? I like bringing things to your attention that you may have not seen, ideas you may not have thought of, and I enjoy when people do the same for me. These little tidbits are something that you may enjoy, or, you may ignore as I am not stuffing your email with them

This use of the Internet may be the best that it can offer.


Anything that links humans, especially humans from all parts of the earth who could not otherwise be linked, is a wonderful thing.

That said it seems that when people try to use the Internet to go beyond this level of connection we humans have a nasty habit of becoming rather ugly. Ever read the comments under a you tube video, or dare go to the elite trader forum?

It is ugly.

The anonymity of the Internet provides a shield to which people feel they can say anything, and they do. Maybe it's just because they know they can't be punched in the face. Would these people talk like this to each other if they were in the same room? Where they could see the pain they cause?

I hope not.

When it comes to trading talk I'm not sure there is much point to using the Internet for discussion.

Traders probably have enough voices in their head telling them conflicting things. Adding more won't help.

I do know that without the Internet I would have to move to New York and trade in a pit with sweaty screaming men. Or I would still be declining loans in a bank. So I do appreciate the opportunities the Internet has provided me.

In spite of that I still sometimes wonder if the Internet is best left to cute laughing baby videos.

Or sometimes we find something that shows the best the Internet can do. Something that links humans from around the world in a common cause for good. Something that is beautiful. Different races, religions, nationalities, ages, all coming together and giving us something that may never have happened without the Internet.

Something like this.

Here is the full version of the song.

Are there nasty comments under this?

I don't know, I didn't look.


Attitude Trader said...

You're back again?

Next time you say you're going to quit blogging, I'm going to have LW come punch you - because I know he does that to people...or things...anyway, WTH?!

BTW, I know you're the one who voted "What the #@!% is a UPS?" in my survey. Just know I'm watching you...wait, I'll get Jules to watch you! Yeah, that's what I'll do!


Attitude Trader said...

Ok, that is amazing.

Glad to be connected with you. ;)


Solfest said...


Jules said...

I LIKE :-) :-) :-)

AT, we just need to make sure he takes his meds. ;-)

Attitude Trader said...

Oh, is that all? I'd be more than willing to pitch in to keep him "happy."

We'll know he's ok when he starts moo-ing again. ;)


Anonymous said...

I've been studying the comments on YouTube videos so that if you do start again I will have some insults ready.

Solfest said...

Oh good.

Now remember LW the next time the 13 yr old at the McDonalds drive through asks you if you want to supersize your fries don't pull him through the window and beat him senseless screaming "it's chips, chips you moron".