Maybe it's just early

But for some reason this had me howling. I guess it reminded me of trying to teach my Grandmother how to use a VCR. :)

Give them an A for even trying.


Solfest said...

My daughter says this reminds her of my pathetic texting ability.

First I have to find the correct part of the trifocal to look at the tiny little buttons, and then try not to hit 3 at once with my untrained thumbs.

Suddenly this video isn't so funny anymore.


Anonymous said...

We will be denied this humour in Solfestland.

The phrase 'elderly' will be replaced with 'economically inactive' and immediately after their 65th birthday celebrations they will be targeted by drones (sponsored by Petro-Canada).

I'm British, we specialise in Orwellian nightmares :-)

Solfest said...

I like it, instead of collectively saving for retirement we just eliminate them, I mean it.

Let's all go shopping!

Solfest said...

Oh, and as far as the sudden disappearance of everyone over 65 the govt will have a terse "no comment".

Either that or we are currently "looking into it".