Niall Ferguson

An interesting talk as we watch the "west" continue down it's path of economic "reform".

By reform I mean doing the same thing over and over, watching it fail, then doing it again.

If stimulus via borrowing and printing money doesn't work, borrow and print more money.

If govt economic plans don't work add more govt economic plans.

This story is over two years old, how many more govt plans could we add to the list.


Anonymous said...

Being completely objective - may i say that this illustrates the 20/80 AND the bell curve distribution speectaculraly well. Coldly speaking, the distribution will always remain faithful to the 20/80 rule, is that ld or is that nature?

It's immaterial that the composition of the 20/80 is one geographic type or other, that is a changing organism in its own. This is a fascinating study and observation

On the monetary side, I think this should be mandatory for evey school in the planet -

Solfest said...

Hi Sandy, welcome to the blog again. Oh by the way please stop posting your ridiculously profitable trades as they make the rest of us feel like morons.

Thank you.

P.S. I tried posting on your blog and it wouldn't let me. I assume I am banned for life. :)

Anonymous said...

Man! mah spelling sucks!

And isn't is wild that you can now get Wealth of Nations on your iPhone in a pod cast! Needless to say, I can finally say now, having the blasted device is worth it :)

Anonymous said...

If I can do what you call ridiculous trades, anyone can. But point taken :)

On comments - something going on on your end. It's an open comment blog, anyone can. I just posted a test comment. And whhhhy I ban your insights ;)