In a last ditch effort to stay warm we decide to just burn everything.


Anonymous said...

I'm so old I remember when this blog was about trading.


Solfest said...

Hey LW,how are the currency markets treating you?

I look almost every morning at CL, and I see nothing.

Started watching beans again and there seems to be a little more action there.

I've been so busy plowing snow this year it's hard to find the time.


Anonymous said...

It's been pretty brutal. I blame myself for spending serious amounts of time working on algo-development, all of which says price is random!

Keeping my head above water with the discretionary jedi-force trading but I really miss 2008.

It's got so bad I've started thinking of a new business selling steel-frame barns to people in Canada, it's a new wonder material you won't have heard of.