CHARTS !!!!!

Well.... chart, as in singular.

But hey, its a chart and I know how all my followers love charts.

Except.... I have no followers, they all left, cause I didn't do anything.... sniff.

Oh well, I'm either bored or missing the trade, probably just bored, waiting for cows to calve.

Anyway back to the chart, as all good trading bloggers who sell trading systems know, you only show the profitable charts.

So here it is.

I went long cattle January 22, 2013 and the trade is still on, let your winners run baby.

If charts are not your thing (gasp) then here is some more cute calves video.


Michael said...

Very cute video. :)

Solfest said...

They are cute, for a while.

TST said...

Solfest, put some colors into the chart ...-yellow or blue...white is very sterile..hehe

Solfest said...

Ya get what you pay for. :)