Cows to the Rescue

Who knew that cows could save the world?


Sandy said...

Nothing like an alarmist that starts off by hitting all the melodramatic buttons with no concept of bell theory on demographics..

But perhaps I am too stupid to understand this...or maybe


Solfest said...

As all alarmists do he gave a great talk devoid of actual proof.

Nice pictures though.

I found this all very interesting as I have been studying the planned rotational grazing techniques of his and others for the very selfish reason of trying to make money ranching.

The system is supposed to grow more grass, therefore run more cows.

The climate change blabbering is just noise to me.

The cost of fencing and supplying water to all these paddocks is the barrier to entry to this system. I wont bore you with the details but this type of grazing is all the rage with the "Holistic Management" group.

I call them Holy Graziers as they seem a little too keen on the fact that everyone must do this.


Sandy said...

All these eco nazis sound so much like Bolshevik collectivists. If a farmer (or entrepreneur) such as you should understand and pursue these things on a personal scale, sustainable and for productive activity, that is the grassroots way of correctly doing things.

Obviously, kudos to that pursuit, but they way these clowns talk reeks of econazi dogma that makes me glaze over.

It was good reading though...

Solfest said...

"Eco Nazi Bolshevik Collectivists".

Wow you really out did yourself on that one. LOL