Happy Day

Yes I would like to super size that.

1 Minute Soybean Chart

So what did I learn in June?
Trading is simple. Humans are stupid. The two have difficulty mixing well.

Speaking of McDonalds (if you got that joke) how did Ray Kroc build a multi billion dollar franchise that can be run by high school kids?

He built systems, tested the systems, revamped the systems, and documented the systems. Then he handed the system, for a small fee, over to someone else and let them run the system. If they did not follow the system he fired them.

Systems, run by high school kids, sounds simple enough. The system and the kids produced net income of 4.3 billion dollars in 2008.

Maybe I should go on holidays and pay some kid $10.00 an hour to trade my system.


McDonalds 5 Year Net Income (dollars in millions)

2008: 4,313
2007: 2,395
2006: 3,544
2005: 2,602
2004: 2,279

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