1 Minute Soybean Chart

One signal, four trades.

One winner for full target, one break even, and two losers. The signal trade was the winner.

Of course.

If only there were a trading blog dedicated to trading your plan with proper risk and money management. If there were such a thing I would read it every day. I would offer to send the owner of such a blog all my money to mentor me on a daily basis. I would wash his car and mow his lawn on weekends.

If only.


pranz said...

whats up Sole.. Glad to your writting again.. Fun to read your blog.. Keep your head and stick to the plan. Good luck

Jules said...

Self-fulfilling prophesy, Solfest :-)
Man's always more reliable than machine. More creative, intrepid, and ADAPTABLE ;-)

Solfest said...

Thanks Pranz, Jules you forgot, and stupid.

Anonymous said...

hi solf,
hows its going, is the irish wizard still alive and kicking with his chat room .


Solfest said...

He is very much alive and kicking in the chat room. Why don't you stop by and say hello.