How Long Can You Tread Water?

I've developed a strange fascination with ships lately. It all started with a Discovery Channel series called Mighty Ships which I watched via the internet all in one sitting. The scale of these ships and the tasks they take on are indeed mighty.

That got me browsing through you tube looking at tankers and some rough sea footage.

Insert comparison to trading analogy here:


Imagine yourself as the captain on one of these ships, the danger to you, your crew, passengers, and cargo is immense. How do you react?

Do you run screaming we're all going to die and hide in a life boat?

Or, stay at the helm and do everything in your power to ride this out.

Trading can be a lot like the North Sea in the winter. This begs the question, what kind of captain are you?

Now the rough sea trading analogy runs a little offside here as maybe the best result for your trading would be to abandon ship.


A good captain always goes down with the ship.

I guess the good news is they got it back to port.


KC Trader said...

I think it is safer to fly than boat. Planes can always go above mother nature, boats cannot. I would venture a guess that planes have less fatale mechanical problems.

Solfest said...

Can I direct you to another Discovery series called Maday.