The Porridge is Just Right

Crude came to life today, don't know why and don't care why.

Ok I do care but since I don't know why I just said I didn't care.

I think I may have stumbled onto a nice system for setting targets. If not "nice" then at least one that is rational. Don't have the stats to back that up but I do have a few years of staring at this thing and have earned a bit of a feel for it.

I hope.

Anyway I am using a percentage the 5 day ATR and then setting the actual target number to the first fib number under that percentage.

Could all be a massive case of recency bias but seems to be working nicely for now.

I only got 2 signals in this massive move up today as the signals stopped due to the EMA spread.

Both hit target and that always makes the "just watching" part of the day a little more relaxing.

2 Minute Crude Oil Chart
Obviously with the right side of the chart filled out I left a lot of porridge on the table today. (and the day's not over) That's ok, the right side of the chart was blank when I exited. I traded my plan my way and it all worked out.

Nice day.


daytrader233 said...

Nice work Sol.

Solfest said...


Jules said...

Your right side is the wrong side, Solfest.

Price should be DOWN.


Solfest said...


Tis why I am a follower and not a predictor.

Anonymous said...

I would comment but I notice you have been moo-ing on other blogs.

I am hurt and betrayed.

Solfest said...

We only have serious discussions on your blog now.

Anonymous said...

I felt quite intellectual for a couple of days :-)

Then I looked at mt eur/jpy p/l and soon realised I am not as smart as I think I am!!

Attitude Trader said...


BTW, dig your Flickr stream.


Solfest said...

Thank you.

Is it summer yet?