'How We Decide'

Suddenly I feel like a monkey sucking apple juice.

Click on watch full program after the video starts.


Anonymous said...

Where do you get this good stuff, I thought all video on the web was sneezing pandas and hysterical babies?

V.interesting lecture (although the glasses are fooling nobody, he is clearly only 14 years old).

Solfest said...

We all need some good distractions during our day.

Of course this is not as good as a barfing dog, but close.

Attitude Trader said...

Freaking fascinating.

Over an hour of video including military suspense, choices about who has to die, dope, incest, and even marshmallow eating, and only one comment? Amazing.

You kept it secret that he makes direct reference to the way most people decide about when to buy and sell stocks - otherwise more people might have watched this - better for us that they don't though.

Thanks for another gem. I have a new favorite word now: Metacognition. I'll quit searching my TiVo for decent PBS shows and just wait for your next offering. I'll probably watch this one twice like I did the one on risk.

As a side note I'm still trying to decide whether I would have been the four-year-old who tries to trade with the other four-year-old's and get more marshmallows, or the one who just grabs both marshmallows and shoves them in his mouth before anyone can do anything about it. Something about it being better to ask forgiveness than permission comes to mind... ;)


Solfest said...

I'm glad you liked it AT. I think most people prefer a 30 second sound bite.

Long live life long learning.