Mouse Trading

Market was slow but with a direction. My signals take a little while to trigger in this kind of market, leaving most of the cheese for the smarter mice.

The smaller targets saved the day as I caught 2 and took a break even on the other. I guess this could be considered scalping, depending what your definition of scalping is.

Whatever works.

Crude Oil


TST said...


i'm just trying to learn sierra chart and actively asks q to its programmers thru forum. As you are more exp user, may I ask you...

1) Do you automate your trading or enter/exit manually ?

2) Do you trade from chart ?

I just want to know if these 2 are practical things to do

Solfest said...

I use Bracket Trader as my front end.

I enter manually and then let BT move the stop and exit at target.

So for me Sierra is just a charting package with my signal criteria built in.

Solfest said...


TST said...

Thank you Solfest ;-)