A Blog About.....

If this was a blog about t...... instead of a blog about..... this video might have some correlation about why t...... is so difficult.

But since this is not a blog about t...... and instead a blog about..... forget about it.


DT233 said...

Very cool video Sol.

Much better than watching my Flyers lose to the Blackhawks again.

Solfest said...

At least the Flyers are giving them a run for it.

Anonymous said...

If I am allowed to mention the T-word, the interesting question is...

"Does trading require congnitive skill (so rewards are not effective) OR is it mechanical (and they are)?".

and that leads to,

"Does learning to trade require congnitive skill...?"


Solfest said...

Ah, LW we don't talk trading here.

Get your own blog.

If we did talk trading here we would make the conclusion that trading is cognitive because the rewards for doing what is right don't seem to stop us from doing what is wrong.


Does the fact that doing what is wrong sometimes provides rewards and doing what is right sometimes doesn't completely screw up Pinks whole premise.


The idea of trying to make trading as mechanical as possible does seem like the right thing to do.