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Why not?


Anonymous said...

Methinks this TED site is bookmarkable. Eating your way to holistic health - the simplest truths are the most potent ones.

Damn, does that mean I can't have my scotch anymore? :(

Solfest said...

No more scotch.

But you can drink red wine till you burst.

Anonymous said...

So you believe in *some* scientific conclusions based on the rigorous analysis of data ? ;-)

More seriously, again v.interesting. Difficult for 'big pharma' to make a lot of money out of cooked tomatoes though, although Pizza Hut should do OK.

Solfest said...

You mean these scientists?


Anonymous said...

The problem with many debates (inc. climate change) is we can easily fall into the trap of polarised views.

It either has to be 'the world is about to end' or 'it's a green conspiracy' with v.little sensible debate in between.

As the Washington Post article demonstrates, (contrary to popular belief) science isn't as black+white as people's attitude to debate.

PS Someone should start a blog of interesting and intelligent video content for bored homeworkers with too much time on their hands!

Solfest said...

Science is also driven by the same factor that drives the "evil" carbon creators.


Have you noticed that Hollywood seems to be the force that decides where billions of research dollars are spent.

In the 90's it was aids.

In the 00's it's climate change.

The research follows the money and the best way to keep the money flowing is to provide the conclusions that the "money" wants.

This is of course true no matter which side of any scientific debate the "money" is on.

The solution is to keep the debate open, however when both sides start arguing their position like it is religion rather than science the debate is closed.

Then we all lose.