No, No, No, No, Yes

Internal Memo
To: Trader Solfest
From: Lonnie Wron, Vice President Compliance Dept

You live another day.


Anonymous said...

It's just like a drug addiction isn't it... one little post about trading after a 3 month break and then before you know it you are mainlining charts :-)

All this post proves is that you were not an idiot today.

I'm off somewhere else now in the hope that eventually my rudeness will be mistaken for humour!!

Solfest said...

Your rudeness is always mistaken as humour.


FX said...

Finally some charts, right before I forget why do I come to this blog in the first place except to read some witty talk.

Good luck with your "discipline" quest if we can call it that way. Ask please Mr. Lonnie Wron if he can spare some time and come by my trading desk to fire me.

Solfest said...

Oh I don't think you would want to meet Lonnie Wron in person.

His rudeness can be quite unsettling.

FFXD said...

Love the post title :)

Solfest said...

I'm trying again to get everything on one chart. Use longer EMAs to represent the longer time frames.

I have that chart sitting beside the 4 I currently use.

I'm getting close.

Me thinks it will help with compliance as there won't be 2 minute blue bars that I have to say no to.