LW Proof

The same message that Mark Douglas gave in 6 "long" videos.

This one is for LW and all the other ADD people.

Who said it first Douglas or Faith?

Doesn't matter, they both say the same thing.

Read the book.


Anonymous said...

*much* better, thank you :-)

I would write more but it is time for my next double-dose of Ritalin.

The Money Paradise said...

You have posted a nice video. this is good. What Mr Faith is saying may be reasonable to him but i am unable to buy what u said.

Solfest said...

I didn't say anything.

Not sure what u mean MP.

khalid said...

I'm glad to see you're still blogging. I check in every once in a while and this time I see there's a whole bunch of YT trading mindset videos I have to go thru!
Anyway solfest I thought you'd like something I'd seen some time ago elsewhere. This one's for you.
Long video but I know you won't mind.

Solfest said...

Thanks khalid.

Price is the only thing that drives change.

People talk about change, but if it costs them money they don't change.

If it's cheaper, they will.