Mark Douglas

This could be the most important video you ever watch about trading.

If you're a trader that is. :)

Forget the wizetrade stuff and just buy the book.


Attitude Trader said...

I posted this video in it's entirety a while back (it was deleted from YouTube because it was too long) because it's so good for being free and something anyone can get their hands on.

You're right. Even though it's a WizeTrade production this video still reflects the basics of everything Mark tries to teach.

Notice that his discussion isn't about the WizeTrade methodology. It's all about the mental perspective and attitude necessary to be a successful trader.

He looks a lot different here than when I spent a weekend in Chicago with him about a decade and a half ago. ;)

Good stuff. Thanks.

Solfest said...

We all look different than we did a decade and a half ago. :)

Thanks AT

Anonymous said...

This is very useful stuff. I can't though get away from the idea that there is a simple concept here which could be expressed equally well in a short paragraph, although (cynically) that wouldn't sell books.

I hope nobody googles the title of the book and the three letters "pdf" because that would be wrong, very wrong.