How to trade:

Take 10,000 hours or ten years of practice/study (whichever comes first) add a crazed desire to succeed and away you go.

So the next time someone asks or someone tells you how to trade have a good laugh and move on.

There are no short cuts, no holy grail, no magic indicator, just hard work and practice. Of course some of that "practice" is going to be with real money. Real money that you are going to lose. Can you survive that?

If the answer is no then find your element some where else.

How Bad Do You Want It from Greyskale Multimedia on Vimeo.


ryannnn said...

The holy grail is always 'plain' and 'wooden' (i.e. hard work and good practice).

But I like watching people go after simple trading systems, i.e. the "holy grail".

I may just be a jerk (very likely). But... lucky for me and my jerkhood, people will always be people and go after shiny things--no matter how much you tell them it will lead to their downfall.

Makes for good literature (or movies) too.

Solfest said...

I've always been fascinated by shiny objects.