I worked today, earned income, and will pay taxes.

I could have worked today, lost money, and beat my head on the desk.

I could have not worked today, gone to a Occupy Edmonton protest, and begged the government to steal money from others and give it to me.

But instead I will work again tomorrow, put my earned money at risk, and live with the consequences.


Anonymous said...

What a revolutionary concept!
I nominate you for the Deucalion Prize in Economics (or if you wish) the Solfest Prize in Economics :)

Solfest said...

Deucalion sound better.

TeaGreedy said...

Well said..

DT233 said...

You could have always worked today, took huge risks, lost huge money, and got a bailout from the taxpayers.

Ah, but then you'd be a banker.

Solfest said...

With massive restraint I will not moo at you. :)

That is the one legitimate complaint anyone could have, bailing out the banks, and the autos, and the insurance losers.

But, the protestors are barking at the wrong door. They should be squatting at the door of government who gave out the bail.

The bankers, autos, and insurance guys should just be cursed for whining like little babies instead of going broke like men.

Funny how no one complains about the autos (union members) bail out.

Only bankers.


DT233 said...

But Wall Street owns the government.

IMO, these people are barking up the right tree hoping that the government will pay attention.

With that being said, I will not participate with the Occupy movement in my town. I'm a realist (ie: pessimist) when it comes to this stuff. Nothing will change.

Besides, I have a job and a life. :)