We don't need no stinkin humans

I was watching another series with Robert Kiyosaki talking about education and how it's failing us. He is saying the same things as Ken Robinson, that education is designed to produce educators.

Education should be designed to produce thinkers and doers. Education should enable us to remain brave, note not become brave. The industrial age for North America is over and the information age is here.

You are going to have to get creative to earn income, be bold, as Kiyosaki says.

Sitting quietly in desks in rows for 12 years is not going to cut it. During our "formal" school years we need to find, nurture, and grow every skill, interest, talent, idea, thought, that our children can have.

Can this happen with a unionized work force regulated by governments?

Not so far.


Anonymous said...

I tell people the formal education model is killing mankind, our future and the idea society.

They look at me as if I am the Unabomber.

I no longer get invited to any gatherings.

Solfest said...


Interesting how some of the great innovators of our time dropped out of college to start their business.

Those businesses started as a passion first then became a business.

Education starts when you're born and ends when you die. (or maybe it keeps going after you die)