Oil is an easy target

I am getting very tired of the constant barrage of terror being levied at the oil companies these past few months.

The carbon case for global warming seems to be the lead terrorist in this assault, but now we have the rather bizarre claim that the oil companies are the cause of high gas prices.

This type of "logic" is truly frightening as it exposes the ignorance of anyone who stands any where near this claim.

Imagine life with out oil. Imagine the cost.

The Rainbow Warrior can no longer set sea, Al Gore can no longer fly to his $200,000 dinner speaking engagements, David Suzuki can no longer drive his bus across Canada, you cannot heat your home, your lights don't come on, the car has no fuel, all plastic materials are gone.


The case to find alternatives is clear, as oil is finite. However while that journey is in progress if you have any economic sense at all, the case to find and produce all the oil we can is also clear.

Click on the read more icon to read Gwyn Morgan's take from his Globe and Mail column.

"My talk focused on a favourite topic - values based leadership. Halfway through the Q&A session came the question ... how could I credibly espouse ethical values given my career in the oil and gas industry?"

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