Dual Time Frame Trading

Some questions on the 2 time frame trading I was talking about yesterday arose. So I will post some entries showing the bar that I entered on the 34 tick range bar chart and the actual entry bar on the 13 tick range bar chart.

I had 11 trades today and a couple of orders that didn't get filled, so it was a busy day. I don't want to (and you don't want me to) post 22 charts so I will post a winner, and a loser.

Again, I want to see the signal triggered on the 34 chart first then look to the 13 chart to find an entry point.

One of the no fills I had was on the big run up you see on the 34 chart. I missed the huge move, then got stopped as I finally got in, then caught a winner at the very top of the move.

Crazy trading.

34 Tick Range Bar Chart (click on charts to view)

13 Tick Range Bar Chart

13 Tick Range Bar Chart

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