Senate Republicans Defeat Oil Windfall Tax Measure

Dear Communists:

We the Democratic senators wish to apologize for those nasty hearings way back when. They were all the Republicans idea anyway. We have seen the error of our ways and now wish to embrace your political and economic way of life.

Yes we are somewhat concerned with the North Korean, Cuban, and Russian standard of living but we are willing to make sacrifices in order to ensure no oil companies make billions of dollars.

By the way before we commit fully to this new, we are all equal, way of life what is the price of gasoline in North Korea?

While your checking on that we will continue to ensure there is no drilling for oil on the ice or the water around here, and keep trying to convince those idiot Republicans to take the oil companies money and .. uh.. build windmills to .. ah.. lower the price of gasoline.

Thank you.

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