Trading Boredom

You know the problem with these stupid blue bars is, THEY NEVER TURN BLUE. Ever since that stupid EIT (exceptional Irish trader) showed me how to program sierra my MUT (made up trade) trading has gone way down. Down all the way to zero actually.

Oh sure profit is up, but what am I to do all day. This was the best I could come up with.

Yes, those Brits are mean.

On another note the Hugo Chavez, I mean Danny Williams AbitibiBowater saga continues.


Anonymous said...

now now sol - we all understand your great urge to shake 'stick' off the trail - but we fear that many other fans of the EIT, who may not understand that quirky canadian humor of yours, might confuse your irony with vitriol...

on behalf of the thousands of grateful EIT fans out there, let me be the first to chastise you for your inopportune and scurrilous use of the word 'stupid' in any close proximity to the blessed name EIT - that doyen of master traders.

i will personally forward a contrite apology forthwith to the EIT until such time as you can find appropriate words to redeem yourself in the eyes of the trading world, which has benefitted so much from this prestigious, yet modest, irishman.

Solfest said...

I don't think he can actually read so we’re probably ok.

Anonymous said...

I am still here (lol)