Just in case this trading thing doesn't work out

It's good to have options.

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Solfest said...

As I am on my little October blogging break you may have noticed that the posts on the blog don't change. 

So as I open the blog to go to my "daily read" I see this man hanging out of his ice cream truck. I see this several times a day. A couple of things strike me as I look at him, one, he looks like a trucker, and two, he looks very happy.

The gist of the video clip was look at the poor trader who now has to sell ice cream for a living. My own rather snarky post title also seems to poke fun at him.

Watch the clip again. Do you see any embarrassment in him, any shame, I see none. I see a guy who for whatever reason lost one income stream and simply went out and got himself another one.

I see a man who delivers for himself and all who may depend on him.

I see a man who is content, happy, and proud of his ability to provide.

I respect that immensely.