The Oracle of Omaha

If we let the ghost of Milton Friedman set the rules of the game and then we all played the game the way Warren does we would all be much better off.

I wonder if any of these students realized they just learned more in 85 minutes and 17 seconds then they did in their past 6 years of post secondary education.

I also wonder how many of you will spend 85 minutes and 17 seconds to improve your education.


daytrader233 said...

I'm still working my way through the Friedman videos!

Solfest said...

We all need something to stare at besides squiggly lines.

longandwrong said...

Is there a 'twitter version'?

Solfest said...

Of course.

Buy know reasonable hold prosper

My first tweet, how exciting!

ANON said...

Thanks for the embedded vids. Lots of nuggets of investment info in there.

Also, great insight into Warren Buffet the man.

Solfest said...

Kind of hard not to like the guy after watching those.