Had to post this

This is an interesting interview so I thought I would point you to my fellow blogger to have a look.

Oh and since I stopped blogging my trading has gone downhill so maybe I should start again. Actually my trading has been fine it's the market that has changed. I find it odd that the 5 day ATR on crude oil has fallen under 2.00 while the market is making new highs every day.

I wonder if that means the rally is getting a little tired?

We certainly need a pull back or something to get some volatility / daily range back into the market.

Oops this is turning into a post.

Ok then let's make it a post. With a chart and everything.

Daily Crude Oil Chart

I don't need a price rally, I need a range rally.

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Anonymous said...

It's not just oil. TraderFeed noted the same thing in the ES futures.