The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The week is done. A week of trading with all the fear, greed, regret, happiness, sorrow, and every other emotion you can think of.

The weeks are all pretty much like that.

How we handle the changes in our emotional environment determines our success or failure.

The market has nothing to do with our success or failure.


This is not a good bye post, because I don't do good bye posts anymore. I have had a few of those and then always came back to the blog. So if it was a good bye post you would have no reason to believe me.



DT233 said...

Perhaps you should try, "Until we meet again". Or maybe, "Until I blog again".


Solfest said...

Perhaps :)

Anonymous said...

You've got very mystical since you started using renko charts.

You need a holiday. Oh, hang on...

Anonymous said...

Potentially no longer blogging (who is?!) but I still think you'll enjoy this...


Solfest said...


Man can build anything we can dream of.

Mother nature can destroy it in seconds.

There's a trading analogy in there somewhere, but I'm too tired to find it. :)

Keep blogging LW.