Watch and Weep

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the main union movement in North America (Alberta included) started in the coal mining industry. I've toured some of the historical mine sites in Alberta and read their histories and anyone can see that the working conditions in these mines was deplorable. I also had relatives who died working in them in the early 1900's.

The employers in this sector had all the power so the unions were a necessary step to stop the abuse of workers.

Now we have unions in the public sector. A sector where there is no competition for the most part. Should unions be banned in these sectors? Sectors where the public have no, or limited, options. Sectors where we can be held for ransom by the nurses or teachers unions as they now have all the power.

In the education system something is wrong. People being smart and industrious are going around the blockades by starting and using charter schools.

Maybe in time the public system will simply run out of "clients".

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YM-Trader said...

There is no "collective bargaining" with public sector unions. If they don't get what they want they just go on strike. The system only makes it appear to be fair to both taxpayers and unions. "Collective bargaining" is a misnomer.