The Day III

Long entry at 8:32:03 @$76.87, exit at 8:34:59 @$76.74, MAE Full Stop, MFE +4.


2 Minute Crude Oil Chart


daytrader233 said...

Well done chap!

Solfest said...

Thank you for celebrating my loss.

Ohhhh, you mean the whole day.

I hope?


daytrader233 said...

It was for the first trade. You should know better than to take losing trades!


Solfest said...

Yes I should stop that. We should all trade like Goldman Sachs.

Own the market.

longandwrong said...

Profitable *and* logical, where's the fun and excitement in that?

Solfest said...

We all know that just sitting back and letting the probabilities play out is fun enough for all.

Or we can scream and yell at the monitors.

But that wouldn't be very British of us now would it.