T Boone Pickens

Boone Pickens bring some common sense to the energy complex.

Click here for the Business News Network interview with Boone.

There are three parts to the interview that roll one after another.

Picken's Plan is to replace some crude oil usage with natural gas. His argument being that natural gas is plentiful in the USA so why not use it instead of crude oil.

Makes sense, except the infrastructure is not currently in place to use natural gas for trucks rather than diesel fuel. Another issue is the sound of a 450 hp diesel engine compared to a natural gas one?

Truckers love that sound. :)


Anonymous said...

The UK had a whole backyard (North Sea) full of gas but now we have to receive LNG in ships from as far away as Australia. We used ours for something worthwhile though...

... erm, whatever it was it was almost certainly worthwhile.

Solfest said...

I don't know what the North American nat gas reserves are.

I assume the fear is that we build the infrastructure to fuel vehicles and then the price goes through the roof.

Then everyone wants diesel and gasoline because it’s cheaper than nat gas.

Although you would think that by adding another fuel source for vehicles the overall price would come down.

Rocky Humbert said...

i was expecting to find the sound of a natural gas semi-tractor engine, but only found a clip of ayn rand. that's bait and switch.

Solfest said...

Rocky I'm sure after 50 years of smoking Rand's voice was pure diesel.