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Trading crude oil!

Right, right, trading crude oil. That's why we're all here. That's why tens of people show up every day, hoping for a glimpse into the exciting world of crude oil trading.


Well here you go, a couple of trades today.

I am working with an old filter for the blue bars. One that I can't figure how to code into the blue bars so I am currently watching 2 charts again.

If it shows any promise I'll let you know.

Hint, part of it appears and disappears off my blue bar chart.

2 Minute Crude Oil Chart


daytrader233 said...

Thank goodness! Some charts.

I was beginning to believe this was a news blog.

Considering the number of ads I randomly click on when I visit I expect more charts from my Swami-peer.

Solfest said...

Well let me tell you DT I am getting rich quick off those ads.

391 posts over 2 years and I have received a cheque, or should I say check, for $100 American dollars.

Oh and if the same person contiually clicks ads the google bot boots them from the pay per click parade.

They know everything.

So just enjoy a rare chart sighting.

daytrader233 said...


I'm signing up tonight to litter my little blog with ads galore!

Solfest said...

Then write lots of blogs about how the world is coming to an end and you'll be rich, rich I say!!

ANON said...

*click* *click* *click*

At the rate I'm clicking, you'll be able to quit trading in no time.

Jules said...

is that all it takes for you to get paid, Solfest? Just by clicking on the ads? You should have said so. So how many times can I click before they boot me out?

Solfest said...

People People People

Don't click on the ads cause they can also boot me out.

That is, of course, unless you really do want to make $35,567.99 per hour day trading FX.

ANON said...

Hell, yeah. That is such a good deal, I think I am going to click it twice.

longandwrong said...

Jules needs ads. When she discussed my e/u chart I got a serious spike in traffic so she'd be raking it in.

Even better, the ads could replace the pictures of Hugh Dillon.

Solfest said...

She has a large following. Of course it's really not fair comparing her blog to ours.


You know.