I Don't Feel Like Writing

So read some others.

Infectious Greed: Interesting animation on empires declining.

Daily Speculations: Victor Niederhoffer's blog. Niederhoffer wrote The Education of a Speculator. Many large brained fellows write for his blog.

Plus take the time, if you are not currently, to read the usual geniuses in my blog roll (my daily read, bottom right hand column)

I hesitate to post charts right now as I am trading off of two charts and only showing you one chart. The other, while working nicely, does not have enough data to be considered proven.

I know that hasn't stopped me from posting before. I guess this does show I do have the capacity to learn from my mistakes. :)

Wait a tic, did I just write something.



Jules said...

I'm only in here to look for that ad that tells me how to make $35,567.99 per hour day trading FX. Where is it by the way??? LOL.

I'm reading your "The life of a trade" post and still struggling to understand your MAEs, MFEs, MST... so as far as I'm concerned, the slower you write, the better. Coz I read slow....

Solfest said...

I'll save you the time looking for that ad.

Enter trade when the 34 EMA crosses the 144 EMA.

Stay there until price comes back through the 34 EMA.

Daily chart.

Your bill for $35,567.98 is in the mail.

Jules said...

You're saving ADX for yourself huh?