Now That's an Ugly Chart


Rocky Humbert said...

Hi Solfest:
What's ugly about that? Kindly elucidate ... thanks!

Solfest said...

The "Wictionary" says that ugly is: displeasing to the eye, hideous, homely, repulsive, uncomely, and unsightly.

Solfest says that ugly is a chart that starts to move one way but then quickly turns and moves the other way.

When this ugliness is repeated over and over the ugliness may turn into madness, this madness can be recognized by the random mooing sounds emanating from the trader.

Unfortunately unless the ugly charts turn beautiful an untimely death is usually imminent.

daytrader233 said...

Lot's of break even trades Friday and Monday Sol? Appears to be a lot of back and filling on the oil chart even when it breaks in one direction.

Solfest said...

Not much of anything happening DT. Daily range just isn't there yet.